PlayStation 5

PlayStation 5 (PS 5 ) The future of gaming

Sony is the only one to announce the name of its new generation console. And, what literally surprises anyone, it's a PlayStation 5, or a PS5.

Microsoft is referring to its next-generation console as Project Scarlett. For convenience, we will designate the console by Xbox Scarlett, or Scarlett for short.

Release date

The two consoles are currently scheduled to come out in the same window, the holiday season in 2020. Just like the Xbox One and the PS4 that preceded them, Scarlett and the PS5 will compete at the biggest commercial showcase of the same year . If you plan to buy both, you can start saving now.

The official name of the console has not been confirmed yet, but we know this is news confirmed. It is already a conversation of the city. Each new version of the PlayStation is supposed to be a bigger, better and more powerful version than the previous one. The only thing left to be confirmed is the denomination. It may be the PS5 or the PlayStation5, it will be necessary to wait. We had a lot of leaks about the new generation console. How many of them are supposed to be the truth? We have no idea, but as if we were looking at the leak history, 75% of them were going to be true.

According to some rumors, the capabilities of the PS5 upstream would be compatible with the previous version of the PlayStation. Apart from that, if you enjoy playing casino games on the internet, try the best casino bonus in the UK and enjoy the amazing casino bonus. Now, let's move on to the PS5. Until then, Sony has confirmed that PS5 players will be able to play online with PS4 players. This is serious news that will make life a lot easier on this planet. A hundred questions are asked about the PS4.


There are many things about the exact specifications of each console that we do not know yet, like the cost of each one. We have enough, however, to at least start comparing Scarlett and PS5. Both use different processors, for example. As you will see below, it's not all that different though. Both Next-Gen consoles will support ray tracing, for example, which will allow them to better simulate light in games.

Sony unveils the details of the PS5

Sony has been remarkably quiet for much of 2019. It has teased a handful of major versions of video games - The Last of Us Part 2, Hideo Kojima's hallucinatory action game, Death Stranding, the Tsushima Ghost developed by Washo - but totally ignored E3 (which gave Microsoft a near-free field to start on Project Scarlett's rival console), did not reveal any surprises to PAX West and canceled its annual PlayStation Experience show due to , it seems, a "lack of ads". Sony has two big moves, such as his purchase of Insomniac Games, but he played near the vest for most of the year.

Sony abruptly broke its silence earlier in the day with a second article in Wired on its upcoming PlayStation 5 video game console. The PS5 made its official debut in April in another Wired story that was actually only a proof of life: the new box would include a new graphics processor that supports ray tracing, allowing real-time visual and audio information to be rendered in real time. effects, as well as a dedicated internal hard drive for significantly improved loading times. The new system would rely heavily on the architecture of PlayStation 4, as it can play PS4 and PSVR games through backward compatibility.

In today's Wired article, Sony Interactive Entertainment Executive Director Jim Ryan provided more details on the PS5, including the fact that it will officially be PlayStation 5; After all, Sony sticks to the old numbering scheme. The PS5 is expected to reach store shelves by the 2020 holiday season, just in time to compete directly with the Scarlett project.

Blu-ray or the highway

Microsoft has managed to move forward with the Xbox One S with an Ultra HD Blu-ray drive, shaming the continuous HD player of PlayStation 4. When the PS4 Pro was released in 2016, we were quite shocked by Sony's decision not to include the same thing, especially for an explicitly premium console.

But Sony has often lately fallen behind Microsoft in this regard. Although the Xbox One X offers a native 4K resolution for gaming, the PS4 Pro can only transform HD games into high-end with a 4K effect. As video quality becomes more important for viewers and 4K TVs continue to appear at home, not being able to support 4K games and 4K Blu-ray discs could have been a major problem for console that hopes - and needs - to be a home entertainment center as well as gaming machines.

The higher sales of the current PlayStation testify to the strength of the PS4 games available, even without the support of the format, but Sony has only been able to resist this feature for a very long time.

The PlayStation 5 talks about the future of the game

Sony ended months of speculation yesterday by giving Wired more details on its highly anticipated latest-generation game console, the PlayStation 5. It plans to unveil the PS5 in time for the 2020 holiday season, coinciding with the release of the next album of Microsoft. generic machine, the Xbox Scarlett. Both consoles will be equipped with the latest AMD Ryzen processor and the Navi graphics chipset, a combo that will allow games to load faster and more efficiently.

The PS5 will feature an SSD instead of a hard drive, which will allow faster and more efficient storage. For years, gaming consoles have become bogged down with lazy hard drives that take up a lot of space but are inexpensive to produce. With the new player, the games will not only load faster, but they will take less memory. The PS5 will also serve as a 4K Blu-ray player, which is better suited to the growing number of 4K TV owners. It supports screen resolutions up to 8K and 120Hz, making it ideal for virtual reality games. The next-generation Sony console will also support ray tracing in hardware, a rendering technique that allows for complex sound and light effects. In short, the games will load faster, take up less space and look much better.



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